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New PEFC FAQ to Benefit Certification Bodies

Published on 8 August 2014

PEFC is pleased to announce the release of its latest FAQ document, providing additional support and ensuring consistent feedback to Certification and Accreditation Bodies.

The new document, published at the end of July, lists the questions frequently asked by Certification and Accreditation Bodies regarding the PEFC Standard on Requirements for Certification Bodies operating Certification against the PEFC International Chain of Custody Standard (PEFC ST 2003:2012), and the answers by PEFC.

The Standard, which contains the specific requirements on the certification process and the competencies of auditors, came into effect in July 2012. As part of PEFC's ongoing support to all entities involved in the implementation of PEFC Chain of Custody certification, PEFC produced the FAQ to provide Certification and Accreditation Bodies with an additional source of information.

"The publication of this document will enable Certification Bodies to find the answers to their questions quickly and efficiently," said Michael Berger, Head of Technical Unit at PEFC International. "Furthermore, it will ensure that they not only receive additional clarification of the Standard requirements, but importantly that the feedback they receive is consistent."

The document was produced following a series of meetings by the PEFC Chain of Custody and Labelling Working Group to discuss and confirm the questions and answers.