Forests area: 264 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): 15,804


Why Labels Matter: The Business Case for Using the PEFC label

This presentation is aimed at brand owners, providing them with the business case for using the PEFC label on their products. From consumers to retailers and the banking sector, customers are increasingly demanding that the products they purchase are from sustainable sources. By placing the PEFC label on their products, brand owners can demonstrate their environmental and social responsibility.

Global Consumer Survey

Presentation by Thorsten Arndt, Head of Communications at PEFC International, announcing the results of the first PEFC Global Consumer Survey at the 5th PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue in Paris, France. The survey found, among others, that certification labels, such as the PEFC label, are the most trusted means of giving confidence to consumers that wood-based products are sustainably sourced.