Retailers & Brand Owners

Consumers are becoming more attuned to sustainability and the important role retailers can play in helping them to make positive purchasing choices. With deforestation being responsible for one-fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions, the sustainable management of our forest resources is fast moving to the top of the agenda. 

More and more shoppers are now actively seeking PEFC certified products to confirm that their buying choices are sustainably sourced.

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The choices that retailers make can have a significant impact on the state of the world’s forests. As well as providing wood – a natural, renewable and raw material – forests offer a precious living resource and play a fundamental role in regulating the climate. Forests are considered the most bio-diverse of terrestrial ecosystems, with forest biodiversity not only encompassing trees, but also the multitude of plants, animals and micro-organisms that inhabit forest areas. 

If forests are to continue to deliver the full range of benefits that people and nature are dependent upon, they need to be managed sustainably.  Responsible retailers are already increasingly looking for PEFC certified products within their purchasing strategies. 

Highlighting a preference for PEFC enables retailers:

• To be recognised by customers who value the engagement of companies towards sustainability 

• To protect and enhance timber resources and contribute to sustainable forest management 

• To enhance cooperation with partners, including NGOs and certification systems such as PEFC 

• To raise consumer awareness about sustainable consumption 

• To promote the production and use of environmentally friendly products.

PEFC provides a range of brochures and guidance for the sector:

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Pass It On: Communicating Chain of Custody 
An Advisory Note for Retailers 
An Advisory Note for Brands and Manufacturers
Procurement Policy Template